Monthly Rehearsal Studios

Monthly practice space is why The Burb started in the first place. As a member of bands for years we've constantly needed space to be as loud as possible, as secure as possible, and that became harder and harder to find. Thus, The Burb created our monthly options. There is a waiting list as you'd expect, but we are gradually building and expanding. Reserve as spot with us via email


Drummers: Drum Storage starting at $35 per month

Drummers, by far, have the most grueling and rigorous job in the band. With the most set up time, the most delicate instrument, and the most trips to-and-from the van, drummers have the most to worry about. The Burb can store your drums at the studio you come to once or twice a week. We made this for all musicians and bands, but drummers have a special place in our hearts here at The Burb.
For details, please call (727) 515-7574 or email

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