Hourly Rehearsal Space Hours of Operation

7 days a week
by appointment only


935 Harbor Lake Dr
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Rehearsal Studio Room Dimensions

Hourly Rehearsal Room 1
- 19' wide X 20' deep X 15' ceilings

Hourly Rehearsal Room 2
- 15' wide X 20' deep X 15' ceilings

Hourly Rehearsal Room 3
- 12' wide X 20' deep X 15' ceilings

All Burb Rehearsal Rooms Feature -

- Temperature controlled central A/C and individual A/C units to personalize temperature in-room
- Double insulated interior walls for sound proof to reduce room-to-room bleed
- Multi-Channel Mixing Boards, and PA systems in all rooms

Available Equipment List:

PA Systems
- QSC Crown Powered Amps (view image)
- Shure & EV Microphones  (view image)
- Celestion loaded Randall 4x12 Cabinet  (view image)
- Peavy 4x12 Speaker Cabinet  (view image)
- Mackie Mixing Board  (view image)
- Yamaha Mixing Board  (view image)
- Behringer Mixing Board  (view image)
- EV PA Speakers  (view image)
- JBL PA Speakers  (view image)
- Mackie PA Speakers  (view image)
- Hartke 4x10 Cabinet  (view image)
- Hartke 1x18 Cabinet  (view image)

- Marshall VS100 (view image) 

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